10 Steps To Authenticate Your Chanel Bag

At The Gold ATM, We Buy & Sell Designer Bags — Here’s how We Authenticate Them


At The Gold ATM in Atlanta, we take great pride in being able to authenticate designer bags & purses within minutes. As the #1 jewelry buyer and luxury bag buyer in Atlanta, we have the expertise to verify the origin of valuable items.


We nurture the trusting relationship we have with our clients. That’s precisely why we don’t want you to take our word for it when we say that your bag is worth a certain amount. Therefore, learn how to authenticate the bag yourself, and come to our secure, high-rise offices armed with information.


We buy and sell Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Prada, Gucci, and many other designer bags. What’s more, we buy all shapes and sizes — handbags, clutch purses, tote bags, and many more.


Here’s how you can authenticate

your Chanel handbag




As you know, an authentic Chanel bag looks a certain way. Here are the tell-tale signs to look for to make sure your luxury bag is a true Chanel original.




Firstly, original Chanel bags have a slightly rounded look. Therefore, if your bag is looking a bit boxy, that probably means it’s not authentic.




At The Gold ATM, we always check zippers of Chanel bags to make sure we have the real deal in our hands. Vintage Chanel bags will usually have zippers with no mark, which makes them harder to authenticate. However, newer models have:


  • POTI DMC zippers
  • DMC zippers
  • EP zippers with leather pull tags
  • Lampo zippers with metal teeth
  • Circle zippers with the traditional three “C”s
  • Éclair Zippers


Brand and Logo


An original Chanel bag will always have a quality brand stamp that’s embossed into the leather. Also look at the size of the logo, as it should always be 1.3 inches.


Authenticity Card


You’d think that an authenticity card is a sure sign that your bag is a Chanel original. However, that’s not always the case. Therefore, check the card and count how many numbers it has. If it’s a new bag, made after 2005, and it has less than 8 digits, then it isn’t authentic. Only bags manufactured from 1984 to 1986 have 6 digits, while bags made from 1986 to 2004 have 7.


The Lock


The CC lock is the most recognizable feature of Chanel bags. The lock either has a flat or a raised finish, it’s rectangular, and it doesn’t have any stamping on it. Lock stems should be 24k gold, and not just plated with gold like most replica locks are.


Don’t Forget the Back of the Lock


Chanel bags are made in Italy and France, and you can tell the difference by the stamping on the back of the lock. French bags have it, while Italian ones don’t. Also, look at the screws on the bag to authenticate its origin — they should be flat head screws, and evenly spaced.




The Leather


Chanel bags are the epitome of opulent luxury. Therefore, lambskin leather should be buttery and soft. Contrarily, Chanel bags can also feature caviar leather, that’s more textured than the lambskin.


The Quilting


The famous diamond quilting pattern is one of the main features of Chanel bags. The diamonds should line up perfectly, even on the back (next to the pocket).


The Stitching


Check the number of stitches — each panel should have 11 stitches. Also, check the lining. There shouldn’t be any bumps or lumps. The lining has to sit on the material perfectly.


Chain Straps


New Chanel bags have the signature chain and leather straps. Furthermore, check if the straps can fold themselves back and if each link is stitched through.


If you’re interested in selling your authentic Chanel bag, look no further than The Gold ATM. Check out our website for more information.