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20 Ways To Clean Your Designer Handbag

The Gold ATM has some tricks up their sleeves!

Check out how to clean your designer handbags!


If you’re looking to sell or pawn your luxury handbag, it’s crucial that you properly maintain and clean it. The better the condition of the bag, the higher the reward! As the highest reviewed Atlanta pawn shop and bag buyer, The Gold ATM has more than enough experience to offer a helping hand with this.


If you take proper care of your designer purse, you’ll ultimately get more cash for it. The Gold ATM buys all designer handbags, so take proper care of your Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Hermes, Chanel, Prada, and more — it might prove profitable. Here are 20 quick and useful tips about luxury bag maintenance and cleaning.



1.) If you’re not using the bag, stuff it. That way, it won’t lose its shape.

2.) What’s more, make good use out of the dust bag that probably came with the designer bag. Store your stuffed bag in it when you aren’t using it.

3.) A simple pillowcase can also do the trick if you don’t have a dust bag.

4.) Don’t leave your bag in direct sunlight. Always put it in the shade when you’re using it, or store the bag in your wardrobe.


Fresh Scent

5.) Smelly bags are also a no-no! Use a gentle odor removal…

6.) Or make one yourself by using baking soda!



7.) Wipe the bag clean with warm water and a gentle rag at least once a week.

8.) But don’t use water for grease stains.

9.) Also, don’t use saddle soap — it’s too aggressive.

10.) If your leather bag is too dirty, use a professional, specialized leather cleaner. These usually come in creme form, so you don’t have to rinse them out.

11.) However, test one area of the bag before you apply it to the entire surface.

12.) Be careful — not all leather cleaners suit all bags. Suede leather bags are more absorbent and need a special cleaning agent.

13.) Don’t go against the grain while cleaning, that will ruin the leather.

14.) Don’t use aggressive products like vinegar, bleach or other chemicals. Stick to gentle products.


Persistent staining

15.) If you see fresh ink stains, use a specialized removing product immediately.

16.) Better yet, go to a professional cleaner — especially if the ink stains are old. the older the stain, the lesser the chance that you’ll be able to remove them yourself.

17.) Once you clean the bag, leave it to dry.

18.) Persistent stains can be covered with a Stain Cover product.

19.) If all else fails, you can try to cover up the stain. Try using shoe polish in a similar or, ideally, same shade.

20.) However, it’s best to avoid stains entirely. For example, if you have dark clothing, prone to leaking color, don’t wear light handbags with it.


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We hope these tips help you out with proper maintenance! If you are wondering “should I sell my luxury bag?” come on down to The Gold ATM. We will authenticate your bag for absolutely free, all in a matter of minutes. We operate in a stress-free environment, and there’s absolutely no pressure on you to sell. Want more information? Feel free to give us a call!



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