5 Handbags That Would Make Perfect Christmas Gifts

Your belly may still be filled to the brim with turkey, but Thanksgiving is behind us, and the Holiday season is quickly approaching. Christmas and Hanukkah are only weeks away, and if you don’t want to be rushing from store to store ton the 24th, you should start thinking about what gifts you’ll be giving soon. Feeling totally lost? We’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of five designer handbags that would make perfect Christmas gifts this holiday season.

1) This Vintage Gucci Black Leather Kelly Purse

This vintage bag looks like something right off a runway in the 90s or early 2000s. Its beautiful black leather is juxtaposed with the bright red of the interior, making this bag an instant eye-catcher. A great everyday accessory, this bag is sleek and simple enough to go with any outfit, whether it is casual or formal. And you can buy it for 55% off at The Gold Atm!

2) This Chanel Gusset Large Flap Wallet

This wallet has a timeless, classic look, making it a wonderful gift for women of any age. It’s functional as well as fashionable, with big enough pockets to fit all your cards and cash. A simple but high-quality wallet is a staple piece in any wardrobe. Any girl would be thrilled to find this under this Christmas! Purchase it for 25% off at The Gold ATM.

3) This Louis Vuitton Chain Clutch

If you know someone who is too attached to their current day-to-day tote to switch it out, go for something smaller. This patent leather beauty is the perfect statement piece: small, simple, and eye-catching. It could work wonderfully for a special occasion or fancy night out, or a simple day-time shopping trip. You can purchase this at The Gold ATM for nearly 50% off!

4) This Louis Vuitton Lockme Backpack

Looking for a Christmas gift for a student? This backpack will do the trick! Large enough to fit notebooks, a small laptop, and pens and pencils, this bag will make sure you look good while studying and writing essays. This bag is in wonderful condition, and any college or high school student could use it every day. Buy it at The Gold ATM for $900 off!

5) This Prada Monochrome Flap Bag

If you’re sick of all the black bags on this list, here’s something a little lighter. This Saffiono Leather purse is medium-sized without any flaps on the inside, so it is perfect for someone who doesn’t need to carry around much more than their phone, wallet, and a pair of sunglasses most days. Its light color makes it a distinctively day-time bag, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t versatile. This bag can be dressed down with jeans and a tee-shirt or worn with a dress and heels—for any type of day-time event, this bag would be a great companion. You can buy it for $550 at the Gold ATM!

If any of these bags stole your heart, you can purchase them by calling (770) 843-4653 or by clicking on the linked titles. If you’re looking for a broader selection, you can find more potential Christmas gifts here on the Gold ATM’s website.