A Guide to Rolex Mark Dials

A Rolex isn’t a Rolex without a beautiful dial.  The Mark dial of a Rolex is a major determinant of the value of the watch, as it has a huge impact on the design and overall look of it.  While every Rolex dial is of high quality, they still vary significantly in appearance, making them very important to collectors and enthusiasts.  If you’re selling your Rolex or looking into buying one as an investment piece, you should have a good amount of working knowledge regarding the Mark dials.  Here’s everything you should know.

The Mark System

When people think of the Mark system, they think of Rolex.  But you might be surprised to find out that Rolex, as a brand, had nothing to do with this system!  The Mark system was created by Rolex connoisseurs who were interested in studying, buying, and selling Rolexes.  Because Rolex itself didn’t create this system, it’s not standardized.  Different sources will give you varying charts.

Styles Vary

Rolex has created many different styles of Mark dials.  You may see multiple different watches with an MK or Mark label, followed by different numbers to signify different styles.  As technology has progressed, Rolex has made many changes to their original Mark dial, including text, font, time markers, colors, and the iconic Rolex crown shapes.  Water-resistance may be displayed in feet or meters.  Due to the plethora of changes Rolex has made over the years, you have a huge variety of styles to choose from when shopping for a Rolex!

Diving Watches

Perhaps most iconic to the Rolex brand are their vintage diving watches.  The Sea-Dweller 1665 and the Submariner 1680 are just two examples of these beautiful watches.  These watches feature red text on the dial, or white text on the dial.  Either way, visibility is key.  Rolex wants you to be able to read your watch while diving, and these highly contrasting colors will allow you to!

Are Mark dials only in vintage watches?

No!  Although the Mark dial is a classic, vintage style, it’s popularity has inspired Rolex to feature them in some modern watches.  For example, the Explorer 214270 and the Yacht-Master II were updated in 2016 and 2017 respectively, and they both feature Mark dials.  These updated watches are now usually referred to as MKII or MK2 to signify that they are different from the original.

The Rolex Mark dials have a huge impact on their value.  If you’re looking to buy or sell, contact The Gold ATM at 770-843-4653.