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A Sound Investment — Designer Bags Increasing In Value

Who New That a Bag You Bought 10 Years Ago Is Now Worth a Small Fortune?


A lot of women have heard that their shopping habits might be their financial downfall. Well, in your face naysayers, because some shopping sprees might have been excellent investments.


Buying designer bags can be a better investment than buying stock. After all, luxury handbags can only increase in value — if you buy the right ones.


Where to Sell My Designer Bag to Get the Highest Payout?


Our customers in the Atlanta area already know that The Gold ATM offers the highest profit for branded bags. We are Atlanta’s highest reviewed gold buyer, diamond buyer, watch broker, and luxury bag buyer. Therefore, we know a thing or two about designer handbags that only increase in value.


#1 Birkin Bag — Hermes


Believe it or not, Birkin bags have a higher value increase than gold! Their value skyrockets by 14.2% every year. With a waiting list of approximately 6 years, getting your hands on a genuine Birkin is a dream come true for many. However, it can also mean a nice payout in the long run.


At The Gold ATM, we can appraise and authenticate your Birkin within minutes. If you’re interested in selling it, we guarantee the highest payoff anywhere in Atlanta!


#2 Classic Flap — Chanel


If you have a genuine Classic Flap bag from Chanel, then you have not only a true beauty but a real money maker as well. The famous Flap bag can give a 200% return on the retail price!


Thus, it’s a real investment.


If you’re wondering how much you’d get for your Chanel Flap bag, come see us at one of our locations in Atlanta. We operate in a highly secured, pressure-free environment. Therefore, if you don’t want to sell your Chanel bag — there’s no pressure to do so.


#3 Boy Bag — Chanel


Much like other brands such as Gucci, Prada, and Luis Vuitton, Chanel has a wide range of bags that can increase in value. The Boy bags are one of them. A relatively new item on the market, Chanel Boy bags increase in resale value.


Their price went up three times this year alone, and it’s more likely than not that it will skyrocket in the near future. So, if you need a quick influx of money, selling your Chanel Boy bag might be worth considering.


#4 Neverfull Tote — Louis Vuitton


Dominating the market for over a decade, the Neverfull bag is an actual statement piece. Not as great of an investment as some of the others on our list, the Neverfull bag can still get you an 85% return on what you originally paid. However, if you have a rare limited edition piece, you can even double your money.


#5 St. Louis Tote — Goyard


Goyard might not be as famous as Louis Vuitton or Gucci, but the fan base of loyal customers means that you might get a pretty penny for your St. Louis tote bag. You could make a 30% profit for a Goyard original — if you come to the right place.


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At The Gold ATM, we understand that luxury bags are precious collectibles, and parting ways with them might be difficult. That’s why we never pressure our clients to sell any valuable items. However, if you’d like to read more about our services, check out our website for more information.