Buying Diamonds: The Four C’s

Diamonds are both sound investments and beautiful fashion statements, and they’re certainly not hard to find.  Buying diamonds is fairly easy, and used diamonds are just easy to find as new ones.  From retail stores and online shopping to pawn shops, there’s a huge market for both new and used diamonds in Atlanta.  But before you buy, you should know the basics to avoid being ripped off. Here is everything you should consider before buying diamonds.

Is it a real diamond?

Cubic Zirconia is looks nearly identical to diamonds.  This synthetic alternative to diamonds is much cheaper, and it’s nearly impossible to tell them apart.  Over time, however, Cubic Zirconia will start to break down while a real diamond will remain strong and beautiful.  If you want a cheaper alternative to a diamond, then you may want to consider Cubic Zirconia.  Very few people will be able to tell them apart.  But if your heart is set on a true diamond, make sure that’s what you’re getting! Go to a reputable seller to make sure you’re not getting ripped off.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s move onto the four C’s of buying diamonds.


Cut is perhaps the most important of the four Cs, as it has the highest impact on the diamond’s appearance.  But cut isn’t just about the shape; it describes how the diamond is proportioned to allow light to enter the diamond and be reflected back.  A perfectly cut diamond will reflect lots of light, while one that is cut too shallowly or steeply will let light escape through the bottom.


Clarity refers to the number of imperfections, called inclusions, that interfere with how the diamond will reflect light.  Flawless diamonds are incredibly rare, so expect there to be a few inclusions.  These inclusions will be invisible to the naked eye, but appraisers can use magnification to find them.  These imperfections will ultimately affect the diamond’s durability, so you’ll want to know how many you’re dealing with!


Every diamond has a tiny bit of a yellow hue within it.  “Color” refers to how much yellow is within it, and it is graded alphabetically.  D diamonds will be completely white and colorless, while a Z diamond will be visibly light yellow.  Colorless diamonds, which disperse more light, are considered significantly more valuable than a yellow one, so expect to pay more for it.


A carat is a unit of mass used to measure gemstones.  A carat essentially measures how much of the diamond there is—but it is not the only factor that determines quality!  A large diamond will have a high carat, but if it is poorly cut, extremely yellow, and filled with imperfections, it’s not a diamond that you want.  Make sure you take all four of these factors into consideration equally.

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