Cash For Gold VS Cash For Silver

If you need some quick cash, you’ve probably been looking into various ways to get your hands on some. Today, we’ll talk about the easiest way to get a money influx — selling your jewelry.


However, before we dive in, there are a few things that you should know. Namely, scrap gold and silver, as well as jewelry, although quite common in everyone’s household, won’t always get you the same amount of cash. In fact, there’s a massive difference in the price that you should be aware of.


As Atlanta’s #1 gold buyer and precious metal buyer, The Gold ATM knows more than a thing or two about fluctuating precious metal prices.


The Gold ATM

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While the price difference between silver and gold is typical, the exact numeric difference varies. You’ll always be able to get more money selling gold than silver. However, the gold to silver ratio changes quickly and not always in the same direction.


Gold and Silver — The Ratio That Always Changes


Some might notice that the price difference between silver and gold changes on an almost daily basis. So, how do we even determine the prices of these two precious metals? And, more importantly, how do we figure out the gold to silver price ratio?


If we look at the date records for gold and silver prices over the last decade or so, we can see that gold has always had substantially higher rates. What’s more, the gold/silver ratio has always leaned to the gold’s favor. It’s also important to note that prices for both silver and gold are still moving up. Their ascend is quite steady.


The price of gold over the years has fluctuated between $1850 and $265 per ounce. Silver, on the other hand, had a price between $5 and $45 per ounce. Currently, gold has a price of around $1500 per ounce while silver rates around $17 per ounce.


While the price has a steady ascend, the gold/silver ratio doesn’t. It’s currently at a very high number between 83 and 84. The gold/silver ratio refers to the number of ounces of silver that we can buy for one ounce of gold.


Where to Sell My Gold and Silver


As you can see, selling gold, be it scraps or jewelry, will always be more lucrative than selling silver. At The Gold ATM, we sell and buy both precious metals. So if you’re wondering how to sell your gold and silver, we have the answer.


In our high-rise, secure offices, you’ll always find a member of our helpful staff willing to assess and evaluate your pieces on the spot. What’s more, the entire process only takes a few minutes.


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So, if you’re looking for a quick, trustworthy, cash-in-hand gold and silver buyer — look no further than The Gold ATM.