Cash For Your Bag VS Consignment Shop

Get Your Cash Faster at The Gold ATM


We’ve all been there — strapped for cash, we’ve turned to selling a few items to get a quick influx of money. Who hasn’t thought to sell designer bags they no longer use for a quick payout? Now, some might think that hopping to the nearest consignment shop is their best bet. That way, getting cash for luxury handbags should be a few minutes of work, right? Not precisely.


Consignment Shops — Quick Cash or a Long Wait


Most of our Atlanta customers already know, there’s no better luxury bag buyer than The Gold ATM. From Roswell to Buckhead, everyone knows The Gold ATM is the place to be. However, some might consider a consignment shop rather than a cash-for-bags facility.


How a Consignment Shop Works


Although not many know this, there are a lot of differences between consignment shops and a cash-for-bags facility. People love consignment shops — they can shop their hearts out and find real bargain deals. However, things aren’t as rosy if you’re a seller.


If you’re looking to sell your designer purses, you might find your way into a luxury bag consignment shop. However, you won’t come out of it with cash in hand. Consignment shops sell your goods for you, but they don’t offer money upfront.


So, you can drop off your bags and wait for the shop to sell them and pay you your pre-arranged price. If the shop doesn’t sell your goods within a specific period — 30, 60, or 90 days — it will either return the item to you or put it on sale. Thus, you’ll either be right where you started, or you’ll earn less money than you originally thought.


The Gold ATM — The Preferred Alternative


Unlike consignment shops, cash-for-bags facilities, like The Gold ATM, offer money upfront. Your profit doesn’t depend on whether or not the bags are sold.


What’s more, cash-fo-bags shops have more traffic, which increases the chances of them buying your bags off of you in the first place. They will sell them more quickly than a consignment, mom-and-pop type of a shop.


At The Gold ATM, we authenticate your luxury bags on the spot. What’s more, the authentication and evaluation are free, and our experienced staff will also explain the authentication process in great detail. That way, we ensure that our clients know how much money they’ll get for their luxury bags and why.


If you’re looking to sell your luxury bags, visit our website for more details about our services.