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Pawn Your Designer Luxury Bag at The Gold ATM


Millions all over the world adore Italian extravagance that’s the Fendi brand. These luxury handbags are trendy, fashionable, and expensive — a real triple threat.



Fendi Luxury Bags — The Perfect Balance of Elegance and Value


For close to a hundred years, Fendi has been a true giant in the industry. With designs varying from classic to extravagant and unique, Fendi has a perfect bag for everyone.

The everlasting elegance and high-end prices make Fendi bags an excellent investment. For example, all those in the Atlanta area looking to make some extra cash can pawn their Fendi bags. Atlanta pawn shops offer some great deals, but no one can match The Gold ATM.


How to Pawn Your Fendi Bag at The Gold ATM


The Gold ATM is the highest reviewed pawn shop in Atlanta. Over 300 five-star reviews speak of our credibility more than we ever could. What’s more, we offer the best pawn loans in Atlanta.

Our newly-founded pawn loan service can help you pawn your Fendi bag in a manner of minutes. With interest rates as low as 5%, our offers are fantastic and hard to say “no” to. However, since customer satisfaction is our number one priority, The Gold ATM does not pressure anyone to pawn or sell their items.

We pride ourselves in our safe and secure high-rise office setting. Therefore, all our clients can feel at ease at The Gold ATM. What’s more, we don’t like to waste time either. That’s why the entire loan process takes only a few minutes.


The Best Pawn Loans in Atlanta


Our low-interest pawn loans are the talk of the town. Come in any time and have your luxury designer handbag authenticated right in front of you. At our 400 Galleria location, we welcome all walk-ins. We have a special offer for all luxury designer bags — we also pawn and buy Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Gucci, Coach, Prada, and many more.

Our evaluation process is quick, but you can make it even speedier if you bring any proof of purchase along with your bag. Although we don’t need it and can authenticate any luxury bag without it, any receipt or certificate will speed the process along.

If you want to find out more about our loan process, you can schedule a visit at any of our locations or pop in at 400 Galleria. You can also read more about it on our website.