Finding a Gold Appraiser: Local or Online

If you’re looking to sell gold, you want to find a gold appraiser who is experienced, reputable, and fair.  You probably also want one that’s convenient.  It’s possible to get a good deal selling gold locally or online, but only if you do your research on both options first.  Here is everything you should consider when finding a gold appraiser.

Do you even need an appraisal?

Don’t bother getting your gold appraised if you still have the original appraisal.  Additionally, if you’re just selling gold and nothing else, then you can avoid an appraisal just by doing a little math yourself.  There are plenty of online gold calculators that can tell you the value of your gold, as long as you know the karat and weight.  But if you’re selling jewelry that has diamonds or other precious or semiprecious stones, an appraisal is absolutely necessary.  You don’t want to guess what your jewelry is worth, you want to be certain.  An appraisal is worth it.

Online Appraisals: Pros and Cons

Pros: The main advantage of an online appraisal is convenience.  You don’t need to go into a store or meet anyone in person.  Additionally, many online gold appraisers have extremely competitive rates, and will buy your gold as well as appraise it.

Cons: Online gold appraisers can be a little more risky.  But as long as you’re careful, you should be fine.  Better Business Bureau will have all the information you need about the company.  It can tell you if the company is legitimate and reputable.  Don’t forget to check the company’s website to see if they have a diploma in gemology or GIA.  The company should check all of these boxes—if it doesn’t, skip it.

Local Appraisals: Pros and Cons

Pros: Going to a local gold appraiser will allow you to establish a rapport, which could help you get a better deal if you have gone to them consistently.  Additionally, if you’re selling a piece with a notable or unique history, a local appraiser might value that more than an online appraiser would.  Lastly, you can go by word-of-mouth when looking for a local gold appraiser, so you can be more certain of their reputation.

Cons: Because of a local gold appraiser’s word-of-mouth reputation, their prices might be a bit higher than an online one.

When deciding on an online or local gold appraiser, it’s best to do research on your specific options so you can get the best possible deal.  The Gold ATM offers appraisals in Atlanta.  Call us at  770-843-4653 to schedule an appointment.