Getting A Loan With A Designer Bag

Are you looking to get some quick cash, but aren’t willing to part with your valuable items, such as your luxury handbags, and sell them? Getting loans on bags is the next best thing. The Gold ATM is a high-end pawn shop that will get you precisely what you need.


Stay on Trend — Pawn Your Luxury Bags


One trend that started overseas is taking our great nation by storm. Asian women have been pawning their beloved Louis Vuitton bags to pay rent for years now. Why pawn your car when you can get a quick payout by pawning your luxury purse? There’s a whole rent’s worth at one shelf of your closet, we’re sure.


Furthermore, the best thing about these so-called “handbag-backed” loans is that you don’t have to say goodbye to your highly valuable items, but still get a payout. Today, women are pawning their designer luxury bags all over our country, and, if you’re a resident of Atlanta, you’ll find no better place to pawn your designer purse than The Gold ATM.


This Atlanta bag consignment shop is the #1 bag buyer and seller in all of Atlanta. Thus, we will authenticate, assess, and give you an offer for your designer purse within minutes. Here’s how we work.


The Gold ATM — #1 Luxury Bag Pawn Sop in Atlanta


So, let’s say you need some cash. You have overdue bills, or you need some money for an unplanned emergency. We get it — life happens sometimes, and you can’t plan everything.


If you have some gorgeous luxury designer bags, cash is well within your reach. And if you’re unwilling to part with them, come on down to The Gold ATM and see how big of a loan you could get while putting the bag or bags as collateral.


Our process is quick and straightforward. You don’t even have to make an appointment. We accept all walk-ins, so grab your bags and come talk to us. Because we strive to make each client feel at ease and comfortable, there’s no pressure to actually pawn your luxury purses. You can come down for a quick chat in our secure, high-rise offices at 400 Galleria Parkway, Suite 1500.


We will authenticate and assess your bag right in front of you and offer a cash loan right on the spot. Our monthly interest is staggeringly low — as low as 5%, and we offer the biggest payouts in all of Atlanta.


If you’d like to know more about our services, make sure to check out our website or call today!