Hermès Luxury Bags & Pawn Shops

There’s nothing better than strolling down the street with a luxury beauty of a bag in your hand. Hermès bags have been the epitome of extravagance for many decades. But what makes them so unique?


Hermès Designer Handbags — A Treat For Every Woman


Not many companies can rival the industry giant Hermès. Some would say that Hermès is a brand that towers over others. That’s partially due to good branding — Hermès designer handbags are extremely popular but not that easy to come by.

Hermès is also unique when it comes to promotion. There are no giveaways at Hermès — you have to buy your bag, no matter who you are. What’s more, this only increases their image of a luxury brand. Owning one of their bags is opulent and almost hedonistic. Furthermore, the designs are divine. The famous Birkin bag is not only rare and expensive but a real sight for sore eyes.

However, your Hermès bag can provide you with more than just a pretty sight. You can also make some extra cash if you pawn it.


Where Can I Pawn My Hermès Luxury Bag?

The Gold ATM, Atlanta’s Best Pawn Shop


If you’re looking for Atlanta’s best pawn shop, look no further than The Gold ATM. As over 300 5-star Google reviews can testify, we have done more than prove our trustworthiness. If you’re wondering how to pawn your Hermès bag but aren’t sure if you’d actually want to do it — don’t worry. We operate in a safe and secure high-rise office setting. That means that there is no pressure on our clients to pawn or sell their items.

Furthermore, our low-interest pawn loans are quick to come by and offer marvelous conditions. With interest rates as low as 5%, you won’t find a better deal in any of the other pawn shops in Atlanta. So, how to get the most money for your Hermès designer bag at The Gold ATM?



How To Pawn Your Hermès Bag


All you have to do to pawn your Hermès bag is to pay us a visit at one of our locations in Atlanta. We will gladly, and quickly, evaluate and authenticate the bag right in front of you and offer you cash on the spot. The entire process can be done in no more than a few minutes.

If you wish to speed the process up even more, please bring any proof of purchase for your Hermès bag with you. Any receipt or a certificate you have will make the pawn process faster. However, keep in mind that all employees at The Gold ATM are real experts in the field, and they can authenticate the bag even without any paperwork.

If you also have any other luxury designer handbags that you’d like to pawn — bring them along. We pawn and buy all designer handbags — Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Coach, Valentino, etc.

Our offers are tempting, and the money is good. Feel free to visit our website to learn more about our pawn loan process.