How much is your antique jewelry worth?

Many people find themselves with antique jewelry on their hands that they may want to sell.  Perhaps the unwanted jewelry was handed down to you, or you bought it at an estate sale to resell it.  But before you sell, you should learn how to estimate how much your antique jewelry is worth. There’s more to antique jewelry than just it’s raw materials. Here’s everything you should know about the value of your antique jewelry.

Is it really antique?

Many people think that a piece of jewelry is antique when it’s really just vintage.  For something to be considered antique, it must be older than 100 years old.  For something to be considered vintage, it only needs to be twenty years old.  Mid-century, retro, art-deco, and other bygone styles of jewelry are all vintage, not antique.  Antique jewelry doesn’t always sell for more than vintage jewelry, but it usually does.

What condition is it in?

It’s typical for antique jewelry to have some wear and tear, simply due to its old age.  However, if the wear is excessive, that can certainly drive the price of the jewelry down.  Any superficial damage, broken parts, or missing stones could detract from an antique piece’s value.  However, a piece that is completely intact with few signs of wear and tear will sell very well.

What era is it from?

There are several different types of antique jewelry.  It can be Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian, or many other styles.  These distinctive styles can impact the price in several ways.  First, if a specific era is trending, your piece might go for higher.  Second, a buyer might be more interested in a particular period and be willing to pay more for it. It’s worth it to do this research when planning to sell.

What is it made out of?

Just like any modern jewelry, certain metals are more valuable than others.  A piece of jewelry made of gold with diamonds encrusted will sell for a much higher price than a piece made of silver.  Make sure you know what materials were used to make the jewelry you’re selling—it’s just as important as it would be if you were selling modern jewelry.

Are there any markings?

Just like today, certain designers and craftsmen in antiquity were more prestigious than others.  Check all over the jewelry you are selling for any markings that would indicate who the craftsman was.  This could dramatically change the price of the jewelry, so look carefully!

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