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How to Authenticate Your Gucci Bag

When we’re in a tight financial situation, all we can think about is when our next paycheck is going to come. However, in the midst of the panic, we may forget to look for the extra money sitting right next to us.


If you have a genuine Gucci handbag, you can always visit Atlanta’s #1 luxury bag buyer. Gold ATM will take your designer purses off your hands in exchange for cash — provided that the bag in question is a real luxury handbag, and that it’s in good condition. So how do you know if your bag is legit? We’re about to give you all the hints you need.


Is Your Gucci Handbag Authentic?


Authenticate Your Gucci Bag


If you want to resell your bag, you’ll need to make sure that it’s authentic. Usually, if you bought the bag in an actual Gucci store, that’s pretty much a given. However, we still recommend performing these few checks.


  1. Examine the fabric. Gucci knockoffs usually get the canvas or leather print completely wrong. Find a photo of the Gucci pattern online and try to spot the differences on your bag.
  2. Look at the stitching and the hardware. A real Gucci handbag is pristine, with no uneven thread. The same goes for the zippers and the engraved metal bits. Genuine Gucci uses real metal for all of the hardware, which also usually has the logo engraved on it.

  3. Check the labels. Leather bags have stamped-in logos. You can also find the particular bag model online and look at the differences there.

  4. Find the serial number. Every Gucci bag has a serial number written on a rectangular piece of leather fabric that’s sewn inside of the bag. It should say “Gucci made in Italy” in capital letters on the top side of the tag, and the serial number should be embossed on the bottom side, visible when you flip the tag over.

  5. Look at the typography. Gucci has a particular style of lettering they use. Over the years, it has changed a bit, so you’ll be able to distinguish the decade the bag was made in by the font. And, of course, the real thing will be different than knockoffs.

If you have any issues determining whether your Gucci handbag is genuine, you can also go to a professional authenticator. Or, you can come to Gold ATM.

Gold ATM – Atlanta’s Highest Reviewed Luxury Bag Buyer


If you believe that your luxury handbag is an original Gucci product, we’d love to see it. The process is fairly quick and easy: you show up with your bag or bags, we authenticate it, and you walk away with an immediate cash payment.


We take pride in being the highest rated luxury bag buyer in Atlanta, which means that the payouts we offer are always fair. If you or anyone you know wants to sell designer purses to us, check out our site. And, if you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email us!