How to Buy Your First Rolex

Rolex watches are major investments, and the process of buying one can feel daunting.  With some research and patience, however, you can find a Rolex that meets all of your needs.  Here is a step-by-step guide to buying your first Rolex.

Should you buy a Rolex?

Before you start shopping, it’s important to make sure a Rolex is right for you.  While you may feel seduced by the prestige of a Rolex, you should consider whether you will actually wear it on a day to day basis.  Do Rolexes match your personal style?  If not, you might not want to buy one.  Additionally, you should put a lot of thought into whether or not you can afford a Rolex.  Rolexes are notoriously expensive, and you’ll want to make sure you’re making a smart financial decision.  Additionally, consider why you’re buying a Rolex.  Do you just want a status symbol?  Does it fit your personal style?  Do you view it as an investment?  You should know why you want a Rolex, so you know which needs to fulfill when shopping.

How old?

You can buy a pre-owned, new, vintage, or antique Rolex.  A pre-owned Rolex will obviously be cheaper than a new one. But if you want the box and papers that come with a Rolex, you need to buy a new one.  An antique Rolex is a 100 or more years old, and a vintage Rolex tend to be 20-30 years old.  An antique Rolex will cost more than a new one, but you might be able to get a deal on a vintage Rolex!

Delve into the details.

Different Rolexes have different features. You might be looking for a diving watch, or a watch with multiple time zones. Start thinking about the metal: do you need platinum, or are you fine with white gold? Decide what features you’re looking for, and that will narrow your options.   Make sure to consider size—a watch should cover about two-thirds of your wrist.  Make sure you don’t buy a model that’s too small or too large to be flattering!

Buying your Rolex

Trying on a Rolex is crucial to this decision.  Try on a few different models and decide which you like best.  But don’t buy your favorite watch on the spot.  Leave, wait a couple weeks, and consider.  If you still want it after a few weeks, go ahead and buy your first Rolex.  It’ll be best to buy from a reputable dealer like The Gold ATM!

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