How To Determine The Value of Your Luxury Handbag

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We are more than capable of evaluating, assessing, and authenticating all designer bags within minutes. However, we want our clients to feel at ease while selling or pawning their luxury items.


That’s why we have decided to share a bit of our wisdom with all our Atlanta-based clients. If you know how to determine the value of your luxury handbag, you’ll come into our store armed with information.


How to Recognize an Authentic Designer Handbag


Designer bag brands have a specific way of making their gorgeous pieces. Therefore, each luxury handbag has some easily recognizable staple features. Depending on the brand and model of your pre-owned designer purse, you can get as much as 70% of their original retail value. However, the value can go even higher for some vintage, rare models, or models that are particularly trendy right now.


Aside from knowing precisely what brand and model you’re holding in your hands, it’s essential to evaluate the condition of your luxury handbag. If it’s worn out, damaged, or discolored, the value will decrease significantly.


Typically, used bags can be classified into several categories:


  • new, unused
  • excellent condition, barely used
  • very good condition, barely used with some signs of wear
  • good condition, with slight signs of wear
  • fair condition, with visible signs of wear


Based on this classification, you can get anywhere between 10-70% of the retail value of the purse. Assess your luxury bags thoroughly, and catalog the signs of wear and tear, if there are any. However, keep in mind that the condition doesn’t trump the brand or the rarity. Rare handbags, even in good or fair condition, will still get you a hefty payout.


Furthermore, there’s more to the value of a pre-owned bag than just the overall condition. The material also plays a significant part. Leather bags are more valuable than any other. What’s more, the more exotic the leather is, the better.


Original accessories such as padlock, keys, dust bags, and any other original add-ons, as well as any potential proof of purchase, will drive the value of a pre-owned bag up.


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