How to Find The Best Gold Buyer

If you’ve left your gold sitting around untouched in your closet, it isn’t doing you any good.  Selling your gold for cash is a fantastic way to get the most value out of your gold.  But you need to make sure you’re selling your gold to the right buyer.  Here’s how to make sure you’re selling to the best gold buyer available.

Know Your Gold

You’re going to want to have done some research on how gold prices are determined.  Weight and karat are the two most important factors.  Hallmarked jewelry will have its karat listed, but if it’s not hallmarked, go to a purity testing center.  Additionally, despite gold being a safe investment, the market for it does fluctuate slightly, so do some research online to see what the market value currently is. You should also expect the gold buyer to deduct a percentage of the price as compensation for their work.

Visit Multiple Buyers

Don’t just sell to the first gold buyer you meet.  You want to make sure that you’re getting the best possible payout for your gold.  To accomplish this, you’ll need to visit several gold buyers and find out how much each one will pay you.


It is crucial that you go to a gold buyer who has a good reputation.  Look online to see their reviews or ask around.  You will quickly be able to find out if the gold buyer is honest and fair based on these reviews.  A buyer with a good reputation will generally be up to date with trends, treat their clients well, and offer good payouts.  You will not get a fair price if you go to a buyer who does not respect clients.


You don’t want to have to drive for hours to get to your buyer.  The time and gas money that will take you will end up detracting from your payout!  Find a buyer that’s close to you.  You also don’t want a buyer who is only open Monday through Friday, nine to five.  If those are your work hours, you’ll either never be able to make an appointment, or will have to take off work to do so.  Try to find a buyer that’s open on nights and weekends.

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