How To Get The Most For My Gold At A Pawn Shop

Where to pawn my gold and how to get the most money for it

When we are parting with something valuable, be that financial value or sentimental one, it’s crucial that we know we are getting the best possible deal. However, even if you’re just selling scrap gold or foreign gold coins that hold no sentimental value to you, getting a stellar deal is imperative.

That’s precisely why we want to inform all our Atlanta-based customers how to get the most money out of selling or pawning their fine gold jewelry. As one of the most trusted and the highest-reviewed gold buyer in Atlanta, The Gold ATM is the pawn shop to seek out for advice. So here are a few key points on how to maximize your funds by pawning your gold with us.

We always deal in cash

First things first — the payout. We always offer money on the spot, in cash. Our process is quick and efficient, just like us. At The Gold ATM, we don’t pressure our clients to make a sale or to pawn their items. If our clients are hesitant or they want to weigh their options — they are free to do so. We will never push for a quick deal if the client isn’t so inclined. We do, however, offer them the best possible deal.

When pawning or selling gold, be careful of trusting a gold buyer who offers checks or delayed payment. Gold buying is a serious, cash business.

We give a quick, thorough estimate

A precise and accurate estimate of your gold is a crucial factor that contributes to getting the most for it. In fact, many people are hesitant to even turn to a pawn shop because they think they will get cheated or their valuables will be underestimated.

At The Gold ATM, we understand that concern, and we address it accordingly. That is why we prominently display gold prices and prices of other precious metals in our high-rise, secure offices. What’s more, we estimate each piece with an expert eye right in front of our clients. There’s no backroom sneaking or vague responses. We give it to you straight. And if you shop around for a bit, that’s fine. We know you’ll be back because we have the highest gold rates in Atlanta.

We are titans in the industry

Some might wonder how we do what we do. The answer is simple — we have years of experience, and our expertise is beyond compare. Gold sellers and gold buyers are a dime a dozen, but you have to be careful about who you do business with. We have the knowledge, and we can back it up. The Gold ATM will always give you an accurate and favorable estimate of your gold jewelry.

Still wondering “Where do I pawn my gold?” Visit our website for more information about selling and pawning gold jewelry.