How To Maintain The Value of Your Designer Bag

Maintaining your designer purses is vital. If you’re looking to sell luxury handbags that you no longer use, proper maintenance will get you a higher payout. However, it’s crucial to maintain not only the shape and overall look of the bag but also its quality and value.


As Atlanta’s #1 bag buyer, we handle all sorts of designer bags daily, and we have more than enough tips and tricks on how to maintain them properly. The Gold ATM is a high-end pawn shop and a luxury bag buyer, and we sell luxury handbags like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Coach, Prada, and Hermes.


Cleaning and maintenance


To maintain the value of pre-owned branded bags, we should pay close attention to maintenance. It’s not enough to just regularly clean them, although we should do that with a soft cloth after each use. We should also treat our leather designer purses with products made to moisturize them. That will keep the leather buttery smooth, and the bag will look as good as new. Try applying leather gels or leather milk now and then to keep the leather looking brand new.




Aside from cleaning, storage is also crucial if you’re looking to maintain the value of luxury handbags. Any branded bag buyer will tell you that the proper shape of luxury bags is vital. Therefore, you should stuff your purses and keep them in dust bags when you aren’t using them.


Removing stains and dirt


If we wear the same bag every day, we’re bound to get it dirty at some point.


However, while they are a nuisance and quite common, stains can be quickly dealt with. Each type of stain has a simple solution, so don’t think one stain will ruin your beloved bag forever.


For food stains, we recommend using some chalk and leaving it overnight. We have a similar suggestion for oil stains — cornstarch or baby powder will absorb the moisture and leave the bag looking as clean as ever.


Baking soda can also help with those, as well as with nasty odors. Additionally, for ink stains, a simple white eraser might be a good option (pro tip: it will also help with dirt stains).


Still, if you see that you can’t remove the stains on your own, take your luxury bags to a professional. That’s a much better option than going at them with bleach or something even worse that will ruin them and diminish their value.


Sell Your Luxury Handbags at The Gold ATM


To maintain the value of your pre-owned luxury bags, we also suggest polishing the metal hardware and cleaning the lining.


If you’re interested in our services or you need additional bag maintenance tips and tricks, visit our website and blog. At The Gold ATM, we will appraise and authenticate your luxury bag, and you’ll be on your way with a big cash payout within minutes.