How To Pawn Your Kate Spade Bag

How to Pawn Your Kate Spade Bag Quickly and Efficiently


Need some quick cash? Our frequent Atlanta-based clients already know about our low-interest pawn loans, but those of you that are new to our website are in for a fun ride!

At The Gold ATM, we strive to make our clients feel welcomed and safe. That is just one of the reasons we are Atlanta’s highest reviewed pawn shop. What’s more, our newly-installed low-interest loans are only increasing our reputation. All those looking to pawn one of the legendary and gorgeous bags by Kate Spade should keep reading!



How to Pawn Your Kate Spade Bag


At the Gold ATM, the loan rates are low, and the payments are high! If you’re looking to make some extra money off of your Kate Spade designer bag, look no further than us. To make the entire experience not only safe but also pleasant for our clients, we devised a simple and straightforward pawn process.

Our interest rates for pawn loans start as low as 5%, and the entire process takes only a few minutes. Not to be the ones tooting our own horn here, but no other pawn shop in Atlanta can get you the same loan conditions.

In just a few easy steps you’ll be on your way with money in hand. While most of our locations require a scheduled visit, at our 400 Galleria location, we welcome all walk-ins. Therefore, you can bring your empty and cleaned Kate Spade bag with you and pay us a visit.

We are able to authenticate the bag right in front of you within minutes. However, we do ask our clients to bring any proof of purchase they may have. Any paperwork — receipts, order forms, certificates — will speed up our already swift process. After we authenticate the bag, we will make you an offer on the spot. Should you accept, you’ll have money in your hand right away.



The Gold ATM — More Than Just a Pawn Shop


Those looking to pawn or sell their designer handbags at a safe high-rise office setting should look no further than The Gold ATM. The question of how to pawn your Kate Spade bag has an easy answer. However, if you are reluctant to do so, or are unsure, we will not pressure you. Our ultimate goal is to have satisfied clients. Therefore, there’s absolutely no pressure on our clients to accept our offer.

All our clients have several choices at their disposal. You can accept the offer or walk away. However, at The Gold ATM, we also buy luxury designer handbags. Therefore, we also have an option for those looking to completely part with one of their designer beauties.

When it comes to Kate Spade bags, and any other designer bags like Prada, Channel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, etc., we will make you a cash offer on the spot. Furthermore, those looking to sell their designer handbags should know we usually offer more money than we do for pawn loans.

So, those of you looking for information on how to pawn your Kate Spade bag should check out our website for more details.