How To Properly Clean Your Chanel Bags

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Chanel luxury handbags are often the epitome of luxury and the most prized possession for many people. That’s why it’s crucial that we know how to maintain and clean them. Not only is proper cleaning vital for the way your Chanel bags look but it’s also an essential feature that will increase the potential payout, should you decide to sell your pre-owned designer purses.


That’s why we are sharing useful tips on how to properly clean your Chanel bags.




Chanel bags are usually made from pristine, high-quality leather — lambskin, caviar, or calfskin. Since it’s so well-made, Chanel bags are also easy to clean. As long as you maintain a regular cleaning schedule, all Chanel leather bags will look fantastic for years (and even decades).


You can use gentle, alcohol-free, and fragrance-free baby wipes to clean your leather Chanel bags. After a gentle but thorough cleaning, make sure you moisturize the leather with a leather conditioner. If the interior of your bag is also leather, you can apply the same cleaning method. Otherwise, just use a lint roller and tweezers to remove the stuck debris from the inside of your bag.


Tweed and Jersey


Tweed and jersey Chanel bags are durable and quite dirt-resistant. However, we still have to clean them thoughtfully and thoroughly. You can use baby wipes on tweed and jersey, but you can also spray a gentle cleaner on the wipes beforehand. That will remove even the most persistent blemishes.




Satin is exceptionally delicate and demands proper care. What’s more, it’s prone to moisture, ink, and grease stains. That’s why it’s vital that you store satin Chanel bags in a dust bag when you aren’t using them.


If you do happen to find a stain on your satin bag, make sure you lift it with a stain remover. Don’t use baby wipes, because the moisture in them can stain the material even further.




Because it can oxidize and rust as well as accumulate residue, it’s vital that we pay attention to hardware as well. It’s a bit more resistant than other parts of Chanel bags, but we should still be gentle with hardware. Use the baby wipes to clean the CC logo and chain shoulder straps.



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