How to Sell A Luxury Watch

Luxury watches are not merely fashionable accessories; they’re investments, too.  So when you decide to sell your luxury watch, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the best price possible.  It may take a little more time and effort than simply selling it online, but the pay-off will make that work well worth it.  Here is the best way to sell luxury watches.

Go to a jewelry store or an auction.

Selling online is obviously the quickest and easiest way to sell your watch, but you probably won’t get the best price that way.  If you take your luxury watch to a reputable jewelry store such as The Gold ATM, the buyer will treat you fairly and make sure you get the best price possible.  An auction is another great way to sell your luxury watch.  A real-life auction will get you a much better price than an online one!

Keep the Box and Papers

You’ll need to prove the authenticity of your watch.  The easiest way to do this is to keep everything that came along with the watch when you bought it.  The box and papers may not seem important, but that’s one of the most important ways to tell the difference between a real luxury watch and a dupe.  This will allow you to get a fair price for your valuable watch, and you might even get more for it if you sell to someone who wants that box!

The Model Number Should Be Accessible

A model or reference number tells buyers everything they need to know to make an informed decision about buying your watch.  The model number will tell them how old the watch is and how much it normally sells for.  The model number is perhaps the most important thing to remember when selling your watch—many buyers won’t even consider a watch without it!  But do not reveal the serial number. People can use it to make knock-offs, which will make it harder to authenticate your watch!  Just include the first few digits of the serial number.

Go into an auction show informed.

Auction shows are a great way to sell your luxury watch!  However, many auction shows have a lot of hidden costs you’ll need to be wary of.  These fees can include a buyer’s commission, a seller’s commission, the cost of insurance, photography, and shipping.  If your watch is valuable enough that all these fees seem trivial in comparison to what you’re earning, then go ahead!  But selling at a jewelry store is generally the better option for most people.

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