How to Sell Jewelry: Your Options

If you have old, rarely-used jewelry lying around, it’s smart to consider selling it.  Whether your jewelry no longer suits your style, or you’re looking for some quick cash, there are plenty of easy ways to sell gold.  But how do you sell gold?  Where do you even begin?  Here are all your options when it comes to selling jewelry.

Gold Buyers

There are plenty of companies in Atlanta and around the country that buy gold.  One of the main benefits of selling to a company like this is convenience, as these transactions are normally quick and easy.  However, some of these companies use scare-tactics about the economy to pressure people into buying or selling gold jewelry.  If you encounter a company that uses fear to convince clients, skip it.


Sometimes pawn shops get a bad reputation, but for the most part, they provide a quick and easy way to sell gold.  However, they will most likely offer you a price that is far below what your gold may be worth.  The main benefit of a pawnshop is that you can usually buy back your gold if you change your mind or no longer need the cash.

Online Auctions and Stores

Websites like eBay and Poshmark offer easy ways to sell gold online.  However, it might take a little longer to sell.  You also will need to do a little bit of extra work.  It’s important to get your gold appraised so you know what price to give your gold jewelry. You’ll also need to take photos that flatter your jewelry as much as possible.

Professional Jewelers

The safest way to sell jewelry is to go to a trustworthy, reputable jeweler.  They will know what your gold is worth and give you a fair price for it.  However, jewelers will normally melt the jewelry down.  They will only value your jewelry for the metal, not any craftsmanship.  This means that they will usually give you less than your jewelry’s retail price.  But the process is quick, easy, and simple.  They will appraise it on site, and make you an offer efficiently.  You can either take it or leave it.

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