How to Sell Your Dental Gold

Having earned more than 250 five-star reviews on Google, we are the most reputable gold buyer in Atlanta – The Gold ATM.


When it comes to selling scrap gold, most of our customers think of jewelry at first; however, we also buy scrap dental gold, gold fillings, dentures, and all sorts of gold teeth, which can be very valuable too.


The Process


Once our customers realize how easy it is to sell dental gold at The Gold ATM, they keep coming back to sell more. In order to offer you a fair price, we first evaluate your dental gold in front of you. By using a digital microscope, we can determine the true value of your gold pieces.


What’s more, we can teach you about your gold, making the process interesting and interactive. Once we have established the value of your dental gold, we will give you an offer. Our rates are by far the best in Atlanta and surrounding communities; our customers know that they are always getting the best offers from us.


One more thing – we pay on the spot for any dental gold or scrap we purchase. There is no need to keep our clients waiting once we have given them an offer for their gold. We like to keep the process simple; that leaves both our clients and us satisfied.


The Rates


As we already mentioned, our rates are the best in the area, and that’s a well-known fact. Ever since we first opened our doors in 2007, our business has been growing. Thanks to the high volume of business, we can provide our customers with the highest possible dental gold prices.


Local gold buyers and pawn shops cannot compete with us. Our clients are well aware of that, so they keep coming back to sell their valuables at our offices.


The Reliability


We haven’t become Atlanta’s highest-reviewed gold buyer by chance – we worked hard for it. Actually, we are working hard day after day to maintain our reputation and keep providing excellent service. We are proud to say that we offer the best rates for scrap gold, dental gold, and gold jewelry, compared to other gold buyers in Atlanta.


Also, The Gold ATM is a growing business – we have offices in four locations: Atlanta, Buckhead, Hartsfield, and Roswell. All of our locations are safe and secure office settings – our clients can feel at ease whenever they pay us a visit.


Furthermore, our environment is 100% pressure-free. We don’t pressure our clients to sell gold if they are having second thoughts.


For more information about our services, we invite you to visit our official website.