How to Sell Your Diamonds

Do you have unwanted diamonds or diamonds that you never wear or use anymore?  If so, you might want to sell your diamonds.  Selling your diamonds could get you some quick cash and extra space in your wardrobe.  Here are some quick tips to help you get a good price.

Research your diamond.

If you’re going to sell your diamonds, you should know what quality they are.  Getting your diamonds graded by the Gemological Institute of America is a great investment.  They will measure the cut, clarity, weight, and color of your diamond.  After that, bring your diamond to a reputable appraiser. They can give you an idea of how much your diamond will sell for.  Get a few different opinions to make sure you don’t get cheated.

 Set your price.

Now it’s time to decide how much you want to sell for.  Take a look at the Rapaport Report to get a good idea of the wholesale value of your diamonds.  Keep in mind what the appraisers have told you, as well—they are professionals who know about the diamond market.  You can also do your own research by looking online to see how similar diamonds are selling.  The most important thing to remember is to be realistic.  Keep in mind that most people who buy used jewelry are doing so to get a good bargain or to sell it themselves, so they’re not going to be willing to spend a fortune.

Find a buyer.

This is the final stage of selling your diamonds.  There are a few ways to go about this.  The first is word of mouth.  You may have friends and family who have sold diamonds previously and can recommend a good place.  Or, you might even know someone who wants to buy a diamond directly from you!  Alternatively, you can sell online.  And last but not least, you can sell your diamonds at The Gold ATM.

The Gold ATM has been buying diamonds and other luxury items for years, and we are one of the top buyers in Atlanta.  If you’re interested in selling your diamonds, call The Gold ATM at 770-843-4653 to get the best deal!