How to Spot a Fake Breitling Watch

If you’ve recently acquired a Breitling watch, then you know just how exquisite these timepieces look. And since they look so stunning, it’s no wonder that fake Breitlings are popping up everywhere.


In all honesty, it would surprise you to know just how many fake ones we’ve come across. Obviously, we are not talking about the more apparent fake watches. You know, the ones with the misspelled brand name that you can spot a mile away. We are talking about those sneaky replicas that have just one minor detail that gives away their unauthentic nature.


Come to think of it, have YOU checked whether your Breitling is the real deal or just a well-made replica?


In any case, don’t panic just yet. We are here to show you how to easily spot a fake Breitling watch.


Check the logo


The very first thing you need to check is the logo. Specifically, look below the number “12” on your watch. For reference, all genuine Breitling watches have a completely filled in letter “B”. Also, the brand name should be sticking out slightly. If your watch looks like it has a sticker logo with stamped writing, I’m sorry to say you’re dealing with a fake Breitling.


Check the weight


The next thing you need to check is the weight of your watch. All authentic luxury watches should be heavy. If your watch feels slightly lighter than you would expect, then it’s not a genuine Breitling.


Check the calendar


A real Breitling shouldn’t have a gap between the dial and the calendar. Also, the calendar should be displayed clearly.


Check the model number


The model number is located on the case of your watch. If the model number on the case matches the model number on your watch, then your Breitling is genuine.


Check the buckle


Each buckle on a genuine Breitling should have the brand name deeply engraved in it. Also, the other side should be smooth, with no stamping or engraving on it.


Check the back


Ultimately, if your Breitling passes all of these tests, there is one more thing you should check. Check the back of your watch to see whether the watch is Swiss made. If it says “made in Japan”, you’re dealing with a well-made fake Breitling.


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