How to Spot a Fake Burberry Designer Handbag

As it is the case with all the other designer bags, Burberry bags get their share of forgery, as well. When you want to buy a Burberry bag, especially if it’s pre-owned, you have to make sure it’s authentic. If you don’t, you may spend a fortune on something completely worthless.


Here’s how to check the authenticity of a Burberry designer handbag.


1. The Logo


Every authentic Burberry handbag has a unique logo stamp on the back, so you should check that out first. Namely, the stamp should have a leather or metal plaque that matches the inside of the bag. The imprinted logo should say ‘Burberry London’ and ‘Established in 1856’ in some cases.


You should also check out the font of the logo. It should match the official logo perfectly. As you can see in the pictures, the R’s and S’s have short tails, and the U’s are rounded. Go to Burberry’s official website for reference, then compare the logo to the one on your bag.


Secondly, check what the product label says. If it says ‘Made in Italy,’ that’s a clear sign that it’s real. If it says ‘Made in China,’ that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a fake. Burberry does have a couple of factories in China. In that case, look for other authenticity signs.


2. The Print


We all know what the Burberry pattern looks like. However, it’s the little things that separate a fake from an authentic Burberry bag.


For example, the Classic Check Burberry pattern includes small, barely visible knight patterns (which also appear in the logo). A fake Burberry typically doesn’t have those.


However, Nova Check Burberry patterns usually don’t have the knights, so you should check for other authenticity signs in that case.


3. The Stitching


Another way to tell if your Burberry is fake is by looking at the stitching. For starters, hanging threads and uneven stitches definitely indicate that the bag’s not authentic. The stitching should be even, clean, and following a straight line.


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