How to Spot a Fake Cartier Bracelet

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Recently, we had a customer come into our office unaware that their Cartier bracelet was not authentic. That is why we’ve decided to create this post for all of our customers — to educate them about iconic Cartier bracelets and teach them how to spot a fake Cartier piece.


Cartier Bracelets


Anyone who knows anything about jewelry is familiar with Cartier bracelets, especially their LOVE bracelet — one of the most famous jewelry pieces in the world. The Cartier LOVE bracelet is a symbol of inseparable love and commitment.


Unfortunately, since its popularity is far-reaching, this bracelet has become one of the most frequently counterfeited jewelry pieces.


How to Recognize a Fake Cartier Bracelet


Although it might be hard, especially for an amateur, to distinguish a fake Cartier bracelet from an authentic one, it is not impossible.


Here is what we recommend paying attention to:


  • The hallmarks and logos


All Cartier bracelets are stamped with a hallmark that tells us about the quality of the metal. For instance, an 18k gold bracelet will be stamped with 18K or 750, while a platinum one will be marked with 950. When this hallmark is missing from a bracelet, that is the first warning sign that it might be a fake.


Also, the stamp on all Cartier bracelets is precise and smooth; if the hallmark is smudged, chances are that the bracelet has been counterfeited. Some fake Cartier bracelets have a different font or spelling mistakes, which is another certain sign of a fake.


  • The weight and the quality


An authentic Cartier bracelet is made of the highest quality gold and platinum, which makes it rather heavy. Depending on the model, the bracelet should weigh between 30-38 grams. A fake one will definitely weigh less than an original.


The color of the metal is another indicator that could point to a fake Cartier bracelet; if there is any discoloration or chipping, our piece isn’t authentic. In addition, the screws have to be perfectly stamped into the metal; uneven placement and lack of smoothness are clear signs of a fake.


Finally, the edges on a genuine Cartier bracelet are always precise and crisp. Using a screwdriver, we should be able to easily turn the screws. On a fake, screws aren’t as easy to open, and the sides look rounder.


  • The price


Cartier bracelets are some of the most iconic jewelry pieces in the world; as such, they come with a hefty price tag. A new gold Cartier bracelet costs $6,300, and it holds its value. Anything significantly lower than that could point to a fake.


Check the Authenticity of Your Cartier Bracelet at The Gold ATM


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