How To Spot A Fake Celine Bag

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Tips on how to spot a fake Celine bag


At The Gold ATM, we sell designer handbags and purses daily. We handle a lot of brands, which makes authenticating original designer handbags — Celine being just one of the many — as easy as eating pie.


But, how to know if your Celine luxury handbag is authentic or not? Here are a few tips!




The first tip is to look at the logo. It should read “CÉLINE” and have a smaller printed “PARIS” underneath. The logo should be silver, embossed, or hot stamped. Also, look at the tag — it should have sharp edges and the same silver logo.


Serial number and sales tag


Although Celine doesn’t have unique serial numbers, they all follow the same format — one capital letter, a hyphen, two capital letters, another hyphen, and then a 4-digit number at the end. Aside from the serial number, the sales tag is also a good indicator of whether you’re buying a real Celine bag or not.


Handles and leather tabs


The handles should be slim and the same height. The tabs that you’ll find at the end of each stem are also narrow, and the stitching is neat and proportionate. They also cover the entire length of the handle.


Straps, zippers, and lining


The interior of Celine luxury handbags is suede or smooth leather, and there should be no interior leather lining. The stitching is at the very top of the interior, and it’s precise.


The crossbody straps are also a good indicator when it comes to authenticity. Look at the hardware and the zippers. All hardware should have an antique finish and even look a bit rusty. It should also be rounded. So, if you’re looking at a square, shiny buckle — you have a fake on your hands.


Celine doesn’t use name-brand zippers, so they are all unmarked and plain-looking.


Dust bag


Every Celine luxury handbag comes with an authentic, high-quality dust bag with soft, cotton lining.


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