How to Spot a Fake Ferragamo Bag

Unfortunately, the market is flooded with fake designer bags. Authentic branded purses are the epitome of luxury, and, when you know what to look for, spotting a real one in the sea of fakes isn’t that difficult. So, how do you know if you have an original Ferragamo bag in your hands?


Today, we’d like to make sure you get the biggest payout for your pre-owned bag, and for that, you need knowledge. Luckily, the biggest Atlanta luxury bag buyer — The Gold ATM — has a lot of knowledge about authentic bags. As the most trusted bag buyer and a high-end pawn shop, we handle original bags every day and can authenticate them in a matter of minutes.


Here are some tips from The Gold ATM.



Stitching and the Material


Ferragamo bags are luxurious, and the material they are made out of — leather, calfskin, and goatskin — will feel gorgeous and high-quality under the hand. If it’s patchy, rough, or looks cheap, then you’re probably holding a fake bag. Also, make sure to check the stitching. Like most brands, Ferragamo holds their product in high esteem. Therefore, the stitching will be flawless — even, clean, and tight stitching is the sign of an original Ferragamo bag.



Hardware and Zippers


Zippers, zipper pulls, and handles are also a good indicator of whether a Ferragamo bag is authentic. Zippers should slide smoothly and should be as even as the stitching. If they are wonky or difficult to pull, then the authenticity of the bag is definitely questionable. Furthermore, zipper pulls and charms should all have the Ferragamo logo stamped on them.





All Ferragamo bags have particular lining — the printed silk fabric that holds the Salvatore Ferragamo name and logo. What’s more, the material needs to be stitched into the sides of the bag evenly, and there should be no loose threads, stitches, or edges. The silk should hug the bag sides, and overall, it should look high-quality.



Logo and Serial Number


All logo displays should be in a particular Ferragamo font and size. However, the most vital sign that the bag you’re holding is authentic is the serial number. On the inside of the bag, you should find more than one serial number as well as care instructions and the Ferragamo name tags.



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