How to Spot a Fake Omega Watch

Omega is a brand that stands for functionality, complexity, style, quality, and above all – durability. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that so many of our customers have numerous questions about Omega watches. The two most frequently asked ones, though, are how to sell and how to be sure if their Omega watch is real or fake.


If you, too, want to learn how to determine whether your watch is real or counterfeited, be sure to keep reading. We have created a list that will help all our customers spot a fake Omega watch.


Look At the Dial


When trying to determine if our watch is real, the first thing we should examine is the dial. Everything should be cleanly applied, spelled correctly, and evenly spaced.


Any engraving or spelling mistakes are a sure sign that our watch is a fake. Also, the Omega logo must be a separate piece of metal that has been attached to the dial. A painted logo is another definite sign of a counterfeited watch.


When it comes to the ticking sounds of the hands, there should be none. Moreover, a second hand that stutters inside the watch is another warning sign.


Finally, we should check the lumes by putting the watch under a bright light for 10-15 seconds, letting it charge. If our Omega watch is authentic, the glow should be bright and long-lasting.


Examine the Case


Each Omega watch has a stamp with a serial number that is unique to that particular watch. What’s more, every serial number consists of seven or eight digits. We could use the Internet to look up the serial number on our watch. That way, we can check if the watch to which that serial number belongs is exactly the same as the model we own. If it isn’t – we have a fake Omega watch.


Also, the serial number needs to be at the right place: either inside of the case back (on authentic vintage models), or engraved on the bottom of one of the lugs (on modern models).


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