How to Spot a Fake Rolex Watch

A lot of people regularly come to our offices to ask us if their Rolex watch is fake or real. Since this widely known status symbol is one of the most frequently counterfeited watch brands out there, we aren’t surprised that our customers want us to help them determine if their Rolex is genuine or not.


In order to keep our customers in the Atlanta area informed, we have decided to create a step-by-step guide that will help them spot a fake Rolex.


Easy-to-Spot Signs of a Fake Rolex


  • The easiest way to tell if our Rolex is fake is to observe the quartz dial movements. The second-hand movement of a real Rolex should be smooth. If it stutters, it’s most likely a fake.


Also, we can listen to our watch closely – if we can hear a ticking noise, chances are that our watch isn’t an original.


  • The heft of the watch is what we should inspect next. Counterfeit watches are normally lighter than original ones. A genuine Rolex is made of high-quality metals, and it will be notably heavier.


  • The winder on the side can also tell us whether our watch is original or not. Basic-looking winders are a common feature of fake Rolex watches. On the contrary, a real Rolex will have a finely-crafted winder that looks like a true work of art.


  • Finally, we can take a look at the cyclops lens; if our Rolex is genuine, the lens should magnify the date. This feature is very tricky to replicate, so most counterfeit watches don’t have it.


Still Not Sure?


Some fake Rolex watches are very skillfully crafted, and it can be quite difficult for a non-expert to determine if it’s fake. Luckily, we are the most prominent watch buyer and watch broker in the area, and we can help you.


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