How to Spot a Fake Rolex

There are plenty of reasons to buy a pre-owned Rolex.  Maybe you’re just looking for a new fashion statement, or maybe you’re buying it as an investment.  Buying a used or pre-owned Rolex is a fantastic way to upgrade your wardrobe without breaking the bank.  But how do you know you’re not being ripped off with a counterfeit?  Here’s everything you need to know to spot a fake Rolex.


Rolex watches are unique in that they tick anywhere from 4-6 times per second.  This ticking gives the illusion of a second how that moves smoothly and fluidly.  A fake Rolex might tick just once per second like any other watch.  If the second hand isn’t smooth, that’s a dead giveaway that you’re looking at a fake Rolex!


Rolex watches are made of extremely high-quality mettle.  When you hold one in your hand, it should feel somewhat heavy, almost like a paperweight. If you pick up a Rolex and it doesn’t really feel like anything, it’s probably a fake.  No real Rolex is feather-light.

Serial Numbers

All Rolexes have serial numbers.  Of course, someone selling a fake Rolex knows that, so they might try to fake a serial number.  The best way to tell the difference?  The serial number on a real Rolex will always be neat and finely etched.  If you’re looking at a serial number that’s haphazardly etched or just a messy stamp, then it’s a fake Rolex.

The Face

The face of a Rolex will have unique, detailed characteristics to set it apart.  One of the most distinctive ones is the “Cyclops” lens above the date.  On a real Rolex, this lens will have 2.5x magnification.  If the watch you’re looking at has no magnification or is completely flat, it’s a fake.

The Price

Unfortunately, you’re not going to find a Rolex for cheap.  If someone is selling a Rolex, they’ll want to get good money for it.  So if you find a Rolex for an incredible deal, you should be skeptical.  A cheap Rolex is probably not a Rolex at all.

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