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How To Spot A Fake Saint Laurent Bag

There’s nothing better than having genuine, luxury branded bags at your disposal. However, if you’re buying pre-owned handbags, it’s essential to be careful, as there are a lot of fakes floating around.


As the highest reviewed bag buyer in Atlanta and the best place to sell your Saint Laurent bag, The Gold ATM knows a lot about how to quickly figure out if your designer handbag is authentic or not.


The Tell-Tale Signs of a Genuine Saint Laurent Bag


At The Gold ATM, the renowned high-end pawn shop and the best luxury bag buyer in all of Atlanta, we can assess and authenticate a bag within minutes. However, we also love when our clients come already informed. So, here’s what to be on the lookout for, when it comes to Saint Laurent luxury handbags.




Saint Laurent bags come in a whole variety of materials and colors. However, the material will always be high-end. It doesn’t matter if it’s lambskin, suede, calfskin, or any other textured leather — it will feel buttery and soft to the touch.




The Saint Laurent logo is prominent and instantly recognizable. Pay attention to the looping and the overall appearance of the YSL letters. Firstly, the left arm of the Y is thicker than the right, and it sits beneath the S. The S then loops around the bottom of the Y and overlaps the L.


What’s more, there should be four non-functional nail heads in the outer corners of the logo. It’s also vital that you pay attention to the overall quality — the logo should be made out of sturdy metal, and fixed well into the bag.




Authentic Saint Laurent bags have robust and regular stitching. There should be no overlaps in the stitches or wobbling of any kind.


The straps


A genuine Saint Laurent bag has detachable straps. Furthermore, the quality of the straps should be supreme, as both the chain and the leather should feel strong under your hand and give out the luxurious feel. You also have to be able to double the straps over the shoulder.


Lining and the interior


The lining should be soft, luxurious, and well-made. The stitching on the lining is also a good sign whether you have a real or a fake Saint Laurent bag, as fakes tend to put all their effort into replicating the outside appearance.


Pay attention to the markings on the insides as well. The entire name of the brand should be printed on the inside. Also, look for the interior slot pocket as most fakes tend to overlook that detail.


The Gold ATM — The Best Bag Buyer in Atlanta


Now that you know how to tell if your Saint Laurent bag is authentic, and you’re looking to sell it, you can come to our pawn shop armed with information. We are the #1 pawn-shop in Atlanta, and we will always offer you an excellent payout for authentic designer bags and other valuables. Check out our website for more information.