How to Spot a Fake TAG Heuer Watch

We are The Gold ATM and, as Atlanta’s most prominent watch broker, we have many customers who are looking to sell their TAG Heuer watches. However, some of them aren’t sure whether their watch is real or fake.


In order to make things clearer for both our current and future customers, we have decided to create a list that will help anyone identify a fake TAG Heuer watch.


Here is what you should pay attention to:


  • The face


When it comes to luxury watches, all manufacturers use sapphire crystal. This incredibly refined material is scratch-resistant, and it does a great job of guarding the face of the watch.


By smearing a drop of water on the surface, we can easily check if the material is indeed sapphire crystal or plain glass. Water’s surface tension won’t be affected by the sapphire crystal. On the other hand, the glass will make the water drop disperse unevenly.


Also, we can check the actual face of the watch and look for the “Swiss Made” phrase at the 6 o’clock marker. That’s the only phrase that TAG Heuer uses. Lastly, the logo should look cleanly cut, and it should be pressed into the steel of the dial, not glued on.


  • The subdials


TAG Heuer watches are famous for their impeccably precise chronograph function; so, in order to make sure the watch is real, we have to check if the subdials are operational.


Firstly, each subdial has a different purpose, and thus a different set of numbers it uses to measure time. Secondly, each chronograph subdial needs to have a corresponding pusher. By playing around with the pushers, we need to make sure that the subdials are functional.


  • The bracelet


When it comes to TAG Heuer’s bracelets, we expect nothing but perfection; the brand uses only high-quality parts. Thus, expertly crafted bracelets are standard at TAG Heuer. Every single part of the bracelet should be made with separate pieces of metal.


Since the crafting of the bracelet can be rather time-consuming, counterfeiters often give up on the details. Therefore, a close examination of the bracelet can tell us whether the watch in question is real or fake.


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