How to Test Your Gold Jewelry

As Atlanta’s most reputable gold and diamond buyer, we strive to keep our customers informed and educated about all aspects of the gold buying process.


Before coming to our offices, our customers can test their valuables and determine whether their gold is real or not. If you too have some gold pieces that you want to test, here is how you can do that.



Five Ways to Tell If Your Gold Is Real

1. Search for the Hallmark


The vast majority of genuine gold is stamped with a hallmark that notes the karat weight. Therefore, the easiest way to determine if your gold is real or not is to look for the stamp. You can find it on the inner band of a ring, or on the clasp of a bracelet or necklace.


If you fail to locate the hallmark, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your gold item is not real, especially if the item in question is an old one.



2. Nitric Acid Test


When it comes to scrap gold, we recommend using the nitric acid test to check if your gold is real. However, we advise against performing this test on jewelry that has aesthetic value or pieces you plan to keep.


Start by making a light, minimal scratch on your gold piece with a small nail file. It’s best to choose a spot that isn’t noticeable. Then, with a dropper, apply a tiny drop of nitric acid to the scratch. If there is no reaction, your gold is probably real.



3. Liquid Foundation Test


One of the easiest ways to test your gold (though not the most reliable one) is to use liquid foundation and powder. Simply apply these on your forehead and rub your gold item from one side to the other. If there is a black streak left, your gold is most likely genuine.


Also, if you know someone who has mild anemia (and thus low iron), you can perform this test on them. If your gold is real, the hemoglobin in their blood will rise up and leave the black mark on their skin.



4. Magnetization and Heaviness Test


Use a magnet and see whether your gold piece is attracted to it or not. If you manage to attract it, then it definitely isn’t genuine gold, or at least there isn’t a substantial amount of it in your piece.


Take a jug of water and drop your gold item into it. Since gold is a heavy metal, it should sink. However, if your piece floats, it’s most likely a fake.



5. Expert Appraisal


The most reliable way to find out if your gold is real or not is to have it professionally appraised. A respectable jewelry broker will use a testing kit and determine whether your jewelry is real or not with accuracy.



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