Millennials & Diamonds

The millennials are the biggest group in the United States, and they are an important one. In just a few years, they’ll become the biggest consuming generation in the country. However, they are also a type of consumer that we haven’t encountered before.


As opposed to their parents and grandparents who cherished genuine, mined diamonds and traditional diamond engagement rings, the millennials are opting for synthetic ones, in other words – lab-grown stones. Why is this happening? There are two main reasons.


First of all, lab-grown diamonds are significantly cheaper than mined ones. Secondly, this generation doesn’t want what everyone else already has, and they don’t want things that they have been told they should have.


What’s more, the millennials are getting married later than previous generations, which has turned out to be a big challenge for the diamond industry.


It’s Time to Sell Diamonds


Given the current trends on the jewelry market, the timing couldn’t be better to sell your diamonds and diamond jewelry. Just think about it like this: since the millennials are focusing on synthetic jewelry, and they don’t want what everyone else has, chances are that they will reject pre-owned diamonds, too.


That’s just another reason to sell your old diamond jewelry.


The Gold ATM – the Best Place to Sell Your Diamonds


Regardless of how the millennials are feeling at the moment, diamonds are precious stones, and we believe that one should be adequately compensated for their pieces. If you do decide to sell your diamond jewelry, there is no place better for it than The Gold ATM.


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Also, our environment is entirely pressure-free; our customers know that they are under no obligation to sell.


Pay Us a Visit


We invite you to visit The Gold ATM at one of our four locations; you can find us in Atlanta, Roswell, Piedmont, and Hartsfield. Once we welcome you, we will provide a free and honest evaluation before we give you an offer for your diamond jewelry.


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