Pawn Loans Made Easy

A lot of our customers, and many people in general, are afraid to pawn their valuables. This is because people are scared that they will get ripped off in the process of pawning their precious items such as gold jewelry, diamond rings, and high-end luxury watches.


On top of that, unfortunately, many pawn shops have earned the reputation of untrustworthy places located in shady neighborhoods, which makes the problem even worse. When people think that pawn shop owners are only after their money, it’s only natural that they feel suspicious.


However, there are still places where you can safely pawn your valuables. One of such places is our own — The Gold ATM. With us, pawning your gold and diamond jewelry doesn’t have to be complicated and stressful. On the contrary, the whole process is quite straightforward.


The Gold ATM – Not Your Typical “We Buy Gold” Store


We are The Gold ATM — the highest-reviewed and most trustworthy gold buyer and diamond buyer in Atlanta. Apart from buying all sorts of fine gold and diamond jewelry, we also buy luxury watches such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Tiffany and Co., Breitling, etc.


Our goal isn’t to rip our customers off; in fact, we strive to provide a high-quality service, show our customers the fine details of their pieces under a digital microscope, and give them an honest evaluation.


There are no hidden agendas whatsoever — we are entirely transparent while doing business. We will teach you about the true value of your gold and diamond jewelry, as well as high-end luxury watches so that you can fully understand the pawn process.


The “Pressure Free” Pawn Shop


Our environment is 100% pressure-free; that means that our customers are under no obligation to pawn their precious valuables. If you are having second thoughts, we encourage you to think things through before making a decision.


On top of that, we operate from a high-rise office setting, thus breaking the stigma that typically surrounds an average pawn shop. Our facilities are safe and secure, which gives our customers peace of mind.


Furthermore, we believe that a personalized experience is the best approach. For that reason, we meet with each and every one of our customers one-on-one and provide a high-quality experience. Our stores are never cluttered and overcrowded.


One more thing — there are no hidden fees with us. We don’t charge our customers for meeting with them and evaluating the pieces they are interested in pawning. Plus, they can bring as many items as they wish; we will gladly take a look at them and provide an offer.


Visit us in Atlanta where we welcome walk-ins. You can also come to Roswell, Buckhead, or Hartsfield where we require our customers to make an appointment beforehand. See for yourself why we are the most reputable gold, diamond, and luxury watch buyer in the area.

For more information, please visit our website.