Pawn Shops: Sell Your Item or Get A Loan?

Should I Pawn or Sell? The Gold ATM Has the Answer!


Not sure whether you want to pawn or sell a luxury item? Don’t worry — The Gold ATM is here to help. We are the highest-reviewed establishment in Atlanta. With more than 300 five-star reviews on Google, you can be certain we know what we are talking about.


Because we pride ourselves on the highest levels of customer satisfaction, we at The Gold ATM don’t pressure our clients to pawn or sell their items. However, we do like to help them make the most suitable decision. So if you are wondering “Should I pawn or sell” — we have some answers.



The Best Pawn Shop in Atlanta — The Gold ATM


The Gold ATM offers the best loan conditions in all of Atlanta. We are a renowned gold buyer, diamond buyer, high-end watch buyer, and luxury handbag buyer. However, we also offer loans on designer jewelry and loans on designer handbags. If that’s something you’re interested in, you should pop by.


Still, the question remains — do you want to pawn or sell your items? Sometimes this decision is a hard one to make. Here is some advice from the people who’ve been in this business for decades.



Sentimental Value


The first thing we ask our clients is if the item in question holds sentimental value. If it does, it might be better to take out one of our low-interest pawn loans. That way, you can make some extra cash without actually having to part ways with something that’s near and dear to your heart.


Remember, there are probably a lot of items out there that are similar to yours. However, the sentimental value and cherished memories can never be replaced. Therefore, it might be best to pawn your memento, instead of selling it and losing it altogether.



Financial Value


Another essential point to consider is the financial value of the item. A particularly valuable piece can get you quite a bit of cash. However, again, consider the sentimental value as well. It might be better to take out a pawn loan. It will leave you with a substantial money influx without the painful separation.



Frequency of Use


We all have those items in the back of our closets or drawers that do nothing but collect dust. If you have luxury items that are slowly becoming a piece of inventory, you should consider selling them. However, for things that you use or wear frequently, a pawn loan will be a better option. After all, why completely part with a piece of your typical attire when you can take out a pawn loan?



Highest Payout for Pawn Loans


Our Atlanta-based customers often ask what will bring the most significant monetary benefit — pawn loans or selling the items? To be honest, you will probably get a bigger payout if you sell your luxury item to us.


However, there’s more to items than just their monetary value. That is the ultimate reason we have created our low-interest pawn loan policy — to give people the opportunity to make some quick cash without parting ways with cherished items. Therefore, consider these points carefully before deciding to sell or pawn anything.


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