Pawn Your Luxury Bag

Here at The Gold ATM, we’ve decided to begin the New Year in style by offering our customers low-interest pawn loans on all of their luxury handbags and purses. So if you’re in need of some extra cash, and you need it quickly, stop by our stores and bring your luxury bags with you.


We’ll be accepting brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Hermès, Fendi, Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci, Mouawad, and more. We suggest that you make the most of the items that you haven’t been using lately and start this year with some extra money in your pocket.


How Does It Work?


Loans on handbags work exactly the same way as our other pawn loan services. All you need to do is bring your bag to our 400 Galleria Pkwy location. Then, we’ll evaluate the authenticity of your luxury bag directly in front of you.


Once we’ve verified that your item is indeed authentic, we’ll make you an offer right on the spot. Also, we’ll pay you in cash on the same day. The whole process takes only a couple of minutes.


The best part is that the entire process takes place in a safe and secure office setting. That means that our environment is entirely pressure-free; if you are having second thoughts, there’s absolutely no pressure to sell.


What Else Is Important?


If you still have the paperwork that pertains to your luxury bag(s), we recommend that you bring that along. That will help us evaluate your item quickly and efficiently. Feel free to bring any proof of purchases, documentation verifying the bag’s authenticity, or any documentation that may have come with the bag at the time of the purchase.


We do have to note that while the paperwork is helpful, it isn’t necessary. We’re willing to purchase luxury handbags and purses from anyone who’s looking to sell.


Sell My Luxury Handbag in Atlanta


If you’re from Atlanta, then you must have heard of The Gold ATM — the highest-reviewed gold buyer and diamond buyer in the area. Most people know us for our gold and diamond buying services; however, many are also familiar with our low-interest pawn loans.


In fact, we’re quite popular due to our way of doing business. Our customers know that they can count on an honest and fair evaluation, as well as on the best offer in the city. Plus, we pay on the spot, which is particularly convenient.


From this year, we’ve started to buy luxury handbags and purses, and we’ll be happy to evaluate your designer bag. So if you own a piece that you aren’t actually using, consider selling it to us; we assure you that you’ll get an amazing offer.


For additional information about our pawn loans please check out our website.