Quick and Easy Money from Selling Jewelry

Do you need some fast cash?  Selling jewelry is a great way to make some quick and easy money.  You have  a few different options in Atlanta, and all are quick and easy.  You can sell jewelry for its scrap value, sell it online, or go to a jeweler.  Before you get started, get your gold cleaned up at a jewelry cleaner so it looks it looks its absolute best.  Then, do some research into the value of your jewelry.  Once you have a general idea of what your jewelry is worth, start selling.  Here are three fast and easy ways to sell your jewelry.

Sell for Scrap Value

Any gold or silver jewelry will have intrinsic value as they are made of precious metals.  When you sell gold or silver for scrap value, the buyer will usually melt it into a gold bar, and may deduct some of its price to do this.  You can have the jewelry melted into bars on your own to avoid this deduction.  The price will be determined by its karat.  Selling gold for scrap metal is your best bet if you are selling gold that is not designer or high-quality!

Sell Online

If you want to keep your jewelry intact, selling it online is one method.  By selling online, you can set your own price and do all the work from home.  However, this may not be the fastest or easiest way to sell your jewelry.  It can be difficult to estimate how much people will pay for jewelry online, and you’ll also have to include shipping.  Sell online if you are highly prepared and organized, know the value of your gold, and if the value is high enough that the shipping costs seem trivial.

Sell to a Jeweler or a Pawnbroker

Selling to a jeweler or a pawnbroker is the best way to sell your jewelry in person.  They are knowledgeable and experienced, and might be able to give you an immediate cash payment.  But make sure that you go to a reputable jewelry buyer, such as the Gold ATM!  Otherwise, you’re in danger of getting ripped off.

If you need some quick and easy money, sell your jewelry to the Gold ATM.  Call us at 770-843-4653 to get started!