How To Sell Your Indian Gold

Both customers and shopkeepers use the term “Indian gold”, but not everyone actually knows what it means, and what exactly Indian gold is. Mainly, whenever someone uses this term, they are referring to the purity of gold. Indian gold is considered to be of highest quality.

Various countries which produce gold use 9-carat, 14-carat, 18-carat, 21 and 22-carat gold. In most South Asian countries the quality of gold is almost always higher than 18 carats. So, high-purity gold has (wrongly) become labeled as “Indian gold”, probably because India is the largest producer of high-carat gold. However,  22-carat gold can be produced and sold in any country in the world, not just in India.

A common problem is determining whether the gold one wishes to purchase is really high-quality. It isn’t rare that someone buys 22-carat gold, which later turns out to be 18-carat. To put a stop to this, the Indian government introduced a hallmarking system to verify the purity of gold. Make sure to check the fineness mark before making a purchase.

However, another problem is that the hallmarking system still isn’t mandatory. So, there have been cases of fake hallmarking. To be completely sure, one can purchase gold in countries where high-quality control exists. Also, buying gold in the United Kingdom is a safe option, as the seller is required by law to hallmark the jewelry before selling it to the customer.  

Selling Your Indian Gold

Buying can be tricky, but selling doesn’t have to. The Gold ATM, being the top gold buyer in Atlanta, provides services which can help anyone sell their Indian gold. The Gold ATM isn’t your stereotypical pawn shop; it is so much more. Our customer service is the best there is out there. You can be sure that you will get the best service and best offers.

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All you have to bring is your Indian gold and a valid form of ID with you. Everything else is up to us.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us any time.