Selling Your Gold: Expectations vs. Reality

We are The Gold ATM — the most trustworthy and respected gold buyer in Atlanta. Gold buying is our primary occupation, which means we have numerous customers coming in every day to sell their gold jewelry, scrap gold, or gold antiques.


However, not all of them are familiar with the actual process of selling gold. That’s why we have decided to explain everything in detail and teach both our current and future customers what exactly they should expect when they decide to sell their gold.


The Gold Buying Process


The process starts when a customer enters one of our shops and brings gold items that they want to sell — usually gold jewelry, gold antiques, scrap gold, gold coins, etc. Our expert staff evaluates the gold piece in front of our customers to determine its value. Furthermore, we can teach our customers about the finer details of their pieces and thus educate them.


Next, we present our customer with an offer; it’s important to note that our rates are unbeatable. There is no chance that you will be able to find a better offer anywhere in Atlanta. Moreover, we are very transparent — our rates are always visibly displayed in our offices.


If the customer accepts our offer, we then buy their gold for a percentage of the market value and pay them in cash or check on the same day. Finally, we process the gold and ship it off to a refinery, where it will be melted and re-purposed.


How to Sell Your Gold


Before you decide to sell your gold, you should focus on a few important points. For example, it is wise to find a reputable buyer, get familiar with the prices of gold, learn more about your pieces, and be realistic.


Luckily, at The Gold ATM, we couldn’t be more open about both the evaluation process and our rates. With us, you can always be sure that you will get the best value for your gold — our rates are, by far, the best in Atlanta and neighboring communities.


In addition, we pay our customers in either cash or check — their preference — on the very same day. There is no need to wait for payment. Also, we never pressure our customers into selling if they are having second thoughts. Our environment has always been entirely pressure-free, and our customers feel that.


It’s also important to mention that all of our services take place in a high-rise office setting, ensuring a safe and secure environment for all our customers. Both you and your gold pieces will be in good hands.


Apart from our main location in Atlanta, we also have three additional locations. Find us in Buckhead, Roswell, and Hartsfield (next to College Park). However, keep in mind that at those three locations, our staff is available by APPOINTMENT ONLY! If you don’t want to plan ahead and schedule an appointment, visit our main office where we welcome walk-ins.


With over 300 five-star reviews, we are the highest-reviewed gold buyer in the area; pay us a visit, and see for yourself why we are the best.


For additional information, please visit our website.