Sterling Silver or Silver Plated?

If you live in Atlanta or surrounding communities, you must have heard of us – we are The Gold ATM, Atlanta’s most reliable gold, and diamond buyer. We are well-known for our gold and diamond buying services, but we are also one of the best places in Atlanta where you can sell your silver jewelry and silver antiques.


Pure, Sterling or Plated?


When it comes to silver jewelry, many of our customers don’t know the real value of their silver pieces. We often evaluate silver jewelry in order to tell our customers if their silver is authentic or not. On top of that, we noticed that the majority of our clientele doesn’t know how to spot sterling silver, silver, and silver plated jewelry.


Pure silver, or fine silver, contains 99.9% of silver. However, as such, it is too soft to be used in jewelry crafting, and is thus often mixed with other metals which harden it.


Sterling silver is the result we get from mixing pure silver and a small amount of other metals. In order for silver to be more durable and suitable for jewelry making, other metals have to be added. In most cases, sterling silver contains 92.5% pure silver, and the remaining 7.5% are usually copper, aluminum, or zinc.


Silver plated pieces of jewelry, on the other hand, contain only a thin layer of silver which covers a base metal (usually copper, white metal, nickel, or brass). The layer of silver is extremely thin, and it normally wears off with time and usage.


Also, while sterling silver is prone to tarnish (due to added metals), it can be managed with proper care; tarnish on plated silver, however, is usually irreversible.


How to Sell Your Silver


With over 250 five-star reviews on Google, we are the most trustworthy gold buyer, diamond buyer, and buyer of silver jewelry/silver antiques. If you wish to sell your silver pieces, you have found the ideal place.


We operate from four locations (Atlanta, Piedmont, Buckhead, Hartsfield) and all of them feature safe and secure high-rise office settings. In addition, our environment is entirely pressure-free; if you aren’t ready to sell your silver jewelry, you don’t have to. We also offer low-interest loans on all gold and silver jewelry, with interest rates starting as low as 5%.


We believe that our customers deserve to know as much as possible about their pieces; so, we use a digital microscope to show them the finer details of their silver pieces on our big-screen TV. We aim to teach them about the authenticity of their valuables and include them in the process.



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