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The Best Way To Spot A Fake Hermes Bag

At The Gold ATM, we handle designer bags and purses daily. What’s more, as the highest reviewed pawn shop in Atlanta, we have an eagle eye and expertise that allow us to authenticate and assess a luxury handbag in a manner of minutes.


Today, we decided to share some of our wisdom with you. If you have a designer bag but aren’t sure if it’s an original or fake, here are some tips from The Gold ATM — Atlanta’s luxury bag buyer and high-end pawn shop.


How to spot a fake Hermes bag — tips and tricks


Whether you’re considering selling your Hermes bag or just don’t know the origin of your name brand purses, it’s vital that you’re sure you’re not walking a fake bag around town.


Luckily, there are a few tricks you can learn that will allow you to spot an imposter from a mile away. There are many fake Birkin and Kelly bags on the market today. So, how do we recognize a Hermes original?


First clues — logo, authenticity card, and price


Firstly, we must look at the logo, authenticity card, and the price. Those are the tell-tale signs that will tip a fake bag off. The logo should be neat, delicate, and not affected by the leather. What’s more, it should read “Hermes Paris Made in France.”


The authenticity card is another giveaway simply because Hermes has never issued authenticity cards. Therefore, if you see one — you have a fake on your hands. Lastly, the price is another indicator of authenticity. If it’s suspiciously low, then you know that Birkin bag isn’t real, no matter how good it looks.


There are a few other things you should pay attention to.


A real Hermes bag has distinctive:


  • Shape — sturdy and straight, no slouching
  • Hardware — marked genuine precious metal (palladium or plated gold)
  • Zippers — original Hermes zippers, with pulls that are parallel to the zipper
  • Lining — high-quality goatskin or chevre leather
  • Stitching — hand-stitching means flawless seams that aren’t crooked
  • Dust bags — light beige or orange dust bag with a brown logo
  • Toggle — heavy toggles with a smooth turn


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