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The Easy Way to Authenticate a Vintage Fendi Bag

Sadly, there comes a time when some of us decide to part ways with our favorite Fendi bags or purses. At that moment, it’s essential to know whether the piece we want to sell is authentic or not.


The Gold ATM is Atlanta’s most trusted luxury bag buyer, and we know how to recognize a Fendi counterfeit in an instant. Today, we’ll share some of the techniques that will help you recognize whether your Fendi bag is worth taking to a high-end pawn shop.


How to Authenticate a Vintage Fendi Bag in 5 Steps


Step 1: Feel The Bag


A genuine Fendi bag or a purse should last for years. If it’s the real deal, it will feel sturdy and weighty. The overall quality should be pristine and outstanding as most such bags incorporate luxurious leather or other high-end materials.


Moreover, most vintage Fendis will have a recognizable Zucca print. It was designed by Karl Lagerfeld himself and consists of a double F logo. Bear in mind that the true version of this logo always has the right F turned upside down, while the left F always stands upright.


Step 2: Inspect the Hardware


Fendi counterfeits usually include basic embossing or stamping on the hardware. In contrast, all snaps, screws, and buckles on a true Fendi are engraved, and zipper pulls contain the logo on both sides.


Step 3: Look for the Interior Tag


Fendi bags have either metal or leather interior tags. If the tag is metal, it shouldn’t be glued to the leather as that is one of the main signs of a fake Fendi.


Also, if your vintage bag or a purse is from the ’70s don’t expect to see the traditional double F on the tag. The logo wasn’t registered before the ’80s. Such early variants only have “Fendi S.A.S” inscribed on the tag.


Step 4: Check the Stitching


Authentic Fendi pieces have pristine and perfect stitching. Genuine stitches should stay evenly spaced with each thread in its own place even after decades of use. Moreover, the thread color must be the same as the color of the material. For example, if the Zucca print comes in shades of gray — the thread should match it.


Step 5: Find the Serial Number


Obviously, a serial number is one of the main ways to recognize a genuine luxury bag. On Fendi bags, they are sometimes embossed inside pockets, and most of them can contain up to 17 digits.


Fendi started using serial numbers in the ‘80s. So, if you have an earlier version of such a bag or a purse, don’t expect to find one. Instead, you can rely on the previous steps in order to authenticate it.


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