The Safe Way to Sell Your Gold

As prices of gold hit records almost daily, it’s never been easier to sell gold; never riskier either. Choices are numerous, and it seems like you can sell your gold wherever; there are so many advertisements and offers everywhere you look. However, that isn’t necessarily a good thing. There are certain things that should be warning signs when it comes to selling gold. Take a look at our tips and sell your gold without hassle.


Don’t Send Your Gold by Mail


Never mail your gold to an online gold buyer. There is absolutely no way of knowing if you’ll get it back, or if they will give you a fair price for it. You have much more to lose than gain, so make sure to stay away from online buyers.


Browse Around


It’s best to start locally; visit your local gold buyer or a reputable pawn shop and ask for an evaluation. Don’t feel bad if you don’t plan to sell right away; they are in business to give evaluations, and most of them offer them for free.


Avoid “Pop-Up” Buyers


Pop-up buyers visit a town, advertise great rates, and set up shops in places such as hotel ballrooms. Then, they collect as much gold as they can and quickly leave town without paying their sellers or paying them inadequately.


Don’t Mix Karats


The so-called “gold parties” are a new way to sell your gold in a home environment. The problem is that both the organizer and the host have to get their cut, so they will probably offer you less than your item is worth. In addition, pieces can be weighed together, and you will get paid according to the lowest karat value. You should definitely refuse such terms.


Pay Attention to the Scale


While scales at certified gold buyers’ offices are regularly verified, that isn’t necessarily true for scales used by house party or hotel buyers. Pay attention to how your buyer weighs your pieces. Some buyers use grams, and others use pennyweight (1.555 grams). Make sure that you aren’t weighed by pennyweight and paid by the gram.


Check Credentials


Every legitimate buyer is licensed by the state to buy gold; don’t be afraid to ask to see the license. Also, be ready to show your ID, since buyers are required by law to ask you for it.


Don’t Sell for Scrap


If you aren’t sure of the value of your gold in its current form, don’t rush to sell it for scrap. It might be worth much more than you know. Get an honest evaluation and determine the exact value of your piece.


The Gold ATM – Safest Way to Sell


The Gold ATM has been Atlanta’s most trusted gold buyer since we started our business in 2007. We buy gold in all forms, including scrap gold, Italian gold, Ghana gold, Indian gold, and more. With over 250 five-star reviews on Google, we are the most reputable place in Atlanta where you can sell your gold.


We pride ourselves on creating a safe and secure environment for all our customers; in addition, our environment is 100% pressure-free. Sell your gold in our offices, where we have gold rates listed clearly and visibly. Pay us a visit at one of our three locations (Atlanta, Roswell, and Buckhead), and we’ll give you a free evaluation and a sincere and fair offer.


  • Main Office (WALK-INS WELCOME) – 400 Galleria Pkwy, Suite 1500, Atlanta, GA 30339 – (770) 843-4653
  • Buckhead Location (APPOINTMENT ONLY) – 3525 Piedmont Rd NE Bldg 7, Suite 300, Atlanta, GA 30305 – (678) 310-9240
  • Roswell Location (APPOINTMENT ONLY) – 760 Old Roswell Rd, Roswell, GA 30076 – (470) 499-4615


If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us. We look forward to meeting you and invite you to come experience The Gold ATM for yourself.