Tips to Sell Your Diamond Jewelry

We are The Gold ATM — the most reliable and trustworthy diamond buyer in Atlanta, Buckhead, and surrounding communities. Apart from buying diamonds, we also educate our customers about the process of diamond buying. Our mission is to teach each and every one of our customers about the true value of their pieces.


If you have some diamonds or diamond jewelry that you are considering selling, keep reading. We will teach you how to get the most value for your diamonds. On top of that, we will let you know how to sell your diamonds safely.


Tips for Selling Your Diamonds


1. Educate Yourself


First of all, you need to get acquainted with your pieces. The best way to learn the true value of your diamond piece is to have it professionally examined and evaluated. Or simply go to a couple professional buyers or pawn shop owners and compare the prices they offer you. That will give you an idea of what your diamond jewelry is actually worth.


2. Be Realistic


In order to prevent getting disappointed, you need to have realistic expectations. Nobody will buy your diamond if they can’t profit from it. Therefore, find a good diamond broker and discuss your options. Alternatively, check how much similar pieces cost in retail shops and online and set a realistic price.


3. Explore Your Options


When selling your diamonds, you have two options: to sell to the industry or to the public. While doing the first will allow you to complete the process quickly, you won’t be able to get top dollar. On the other hand, doing the latter will allow you to earn more money, but it will take more time.


The most important thing is to find someone you trust and avoid getting scammed in the process.


4. Make Sure You Are Ready


Diamonds usually have a sentimental value, which makes parting ways with them hard. However, if you have decided to sell, leave the emotions out of it. On the other hand, if you aren’t sure that you want to sell, don’t rush. It’s best that you wait until you are certain that you want to sell.


Sell Your Diamonds at The Gold ATM


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By using a digital microscope, we evaluate our customers’ diamonds and display them on a big-screen TV, thus allowing them to see exactly what we see while we perform the diamond evaluation.


We have two locations that specialize in diamond buying:


  • one at 400 Galleria Pkwy, Suite 1500 in Atlanta (no appointment necessary),
  • and the second at 3500 Lenox Rd NE #1500, Atlanta, GA (by appointment only).


We operate out of safe and secure high-rise office settings, making sure that both our customers and their valuables are safe at all times. Also, our environment is entirely pressure-free — we won’t push you into selling if you aren’t ready.


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