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Top 10 Iconic Chanel Bags

As Atlanta’s #1 luxury bag buyer, The Gold ATM knows a thing or two about Chanel bags. The epitome of luxury, Chanel has been dominating the fashion world for decades. There’s nothing better than wearing designer handbags and looking like you just stepped off a runway.


However, sometimes we get tired of our branded bags. We leave them forgotten at the bottoms of our closets where they collect dust. When this is the case, there are ways to make money from your designer purses and luxury handbags. Here are the Top 10 Chanel purses and bags that will not only turn you into a fashion icon but also turn you a profit as well, should you come to The Gold ATM, the high-end pawn shop in the Atlanta area.


Chanel Gabrielle Hobo Bag


Versatile and chic, the Gabrielle hobo bag truly embodies the name it carries. Named after the Chanel founder, it’s effortlessly stylish. The black and white contrast and the double strap make it the talk of the town!


Chanel Boy Bag


A love child of Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld, the Boy bag is a colorful beauty that you’ll quickly recognize by its signature rectangular shape. The bag has the charming boyish style, perfect for that devil-may-care attitude!


Chanel Gabrielle backpack


The modern take on the Chanel Gabrielle, the Gabrielle backpack is both stylish and practical. Since the launch in 2016, the backpack has won the hearts of many women.


Chanel Minaudière


Wild both in color and shape, the Minaudière bags are a perfect fit for young adventurers and everyone who feels like that! They are also the highest sought-after collectible when it comes to the Chanel brand.


Chanel Camera Case


The famous 80s hit, the Chanel Camera Case bag is a boxy take on the reporter and camera bags that’s been updated many times in the past decades. More often than not, the Camera Case bag will sport an attached charm as a tribute to Gabrielle who loved them.


Chanel Shopping Bag


Another 80s hit, Chanel shopping bag is an urban reincarnation of the classic Chanel tote bag.


Chanel Waist bag


Chanel is famous for staying true to who they are while also accommodating trends. The waist bag is the perfect representation of that attitude, as it has the traditional Chanel flare while also sporting the 90s popular waist form.


Chanel 2.55


The quilted leather and the Mademoiselle lock are the staple features of the most famous Chanel bag – the 2.55. Since its creation in 1955, the 2.55 has kept its original charm and form for over half a century.


Chanel Classic Flap Bag


The sister bag of 2.55, the Classic flap bag has the famous CC lock and timeless allure.


Chanel Bowling Bag


Who said bowling couldn’t be chic? The printed canvas bag is the classiest bowling bag you’ll ever see, and you can use it for travel or as a luxurious accessory while out on the town.


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