Treat Yourself: 4 Luxury Handbags for the New Decade

The roaring twenties are back!  For many, that decade calls to mind images of decadence, and what better way to feel glamorous than with a new luxury handbag?  But you don’t have to enter the decade feeling luxurious—buy pre-loved handbags at the Gold ATM to get all the opulence you could want without the hefty price tag to go along with it.  These luxury handbags will allow you to live your Gatsby fantasy, and the price-tags will give you a much happier ending.

This Prada Paradigme Bag


This Prada bag keeps it beautifully simple in the most gorgeous shade of gray.  The saffiano leather and gold hardware is classy and luxurious.  With a hand-held strap and a cross-body strap, you can wear this bag anywhere and everywhere, and it’s size will let you fit all your necessities.  It’s the perfect day-time bag, and it’s available at the Gold ATM.

This Chanel Vintage Mini Flap Bag

Out of any designer brand, Chanel is perhaps the most timeless.  Its distinctive aesthetic has stood the test of time—no one can resist their perfect blend of femininity and strength.  And this vintage mini flap bag perfectly encapsulates that image.  Black and gold, this bag is smooth, luxurious, and classic.  Buy it now, and keep wearing it twenty years from now.

This Louis Vuitton Epi Twist Tote

Dark blue with bright red detailing, this bag is an eye-catcher.  It strays from Louis Vuitton’s typical pattern and instead opts for a sleek, monochromatic look.  This bag is normally sold for $3000, but at The Gold ATM, you can get it for just $1995.  That’s over 30% off!   Carrying around this tote will make you feel glamorous and fun, and you can take it anywhere!

This Givenchy Mini Antigona Satchel


Do you want a vintage, 90s look?  This Givenchy bag is for you.  Out of all the bags on this list, this one may be the one that screams “luxury” the loudest! Black and shiny like a brand new car, this purse will carry you into opulence.  And at The Gold ATM, you can buy it for $590 off!

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